5 Packs = 1 Tree | Our Sustainability Pledge

At Vieve, although our bottles are 100% recyclable, we are constantly looking for a more sustainable solution for our packaging. Until we find a suitable alternative, we are committed to looking at innovative solutions to off-set our carbon footprint, as well as ideas to ensure our bottles are truly being recycled from end to end.

That is why to celebrate the launch of our new Orange & Mango flavour we have partnered with the Mango Tree Trust and @buy1give1 to plant a tree for every 5 packs we sell through our website. That’s right: five packs = one tree.

Through our work with The Mango Tree Trust and B1G1 we will be replacing forest areas in Kenya that have been devastated due to environmental degradation as people cut trees for charcoal and firewood, harvest sand to sell and leave big sand mines and necked hills and villages with no trees.

We are also planting Mango Trees, which will help to provide a sustainable source of income and help to improve the economic conditions of families and farmers in Kenya. Our goal is to plant 25,000 trees in the next year, or roughly the equivalent of a small village…

We recognize that we are part of the problem, but in the end we also want to be part of the solution and this is one small step to helping us achieve this goal…





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