How Much Collagen Should I Take And Why?

June 15 2021
Collagen protein is considered a secure and reliable daily supplement for individuals who want to boost their collagen and protein levels. But a lot of people are confused about how much collagen should you take every day and why? We’ve provided a handy guide below, with some recommendations that are easy to follow.

Protein Shakes And Bowel Movements - Can Protein Cause You Diarrhea...

April 28 2021
There are many dietary supplements that people take to gain more muscle mass and come one step closer to their goals....

What Is Protein Water and Is It Good for Weight Loss?

April 01 2021
Amongst all the protein supplements fitness enthusiasts can enjoy, protein waters have gained popularity in recent years. While they offer many benefits, helping in weight loss stays one of the top reasons why we tend to consume protein water.

Best Sugar-Free Protein Shakes For Diabetics

February 02 2021
Most diabetics feel that they can’t acquire benefits of protein supplements. But this isn’t true. Here are the recommendations for the best protein shakes for diabetics which are sugar free and can turn things around for overall health.

Are Protein Waters Good For You? Best Protein Water Revealed

January 14 2021
Protein waters are made by combining a hydrolysed protein powder rich in amino acids with water. It works to accumulate all the goodness of organic compounds into a single drink. So if you are searching for the most remarkable protein waters in-store, then we have something for you.

Best Pre and Post Workout Keto Snacks of This Year

November 09 2020
A successful, keto-friendly snack does more than you can imagine. needs to not only meets your nutritional goals, being both low-carb and high-fat/protein, but should also be delicious

What Are The Benefits Of Using Collagen Supplements?

July 21 2020
Many studies show that consuming collagen supplements can lead to a variety of health benefits. You can have healthier skin and hair, better digestion, improved heart health, reduced joint pain and stronger muscles and bones. But is it true?

Why Does Consuming Protein Become So Essential For Older Adults As ...

June 30 2020
Having a balanced diet is important, but as you age, you have to incorporate a higher percentage of protein in your diet. Due to aging, the muscles and other organs need protein to sustain themselves. Here is our guide to how older adults can ensure they get enough protein in their diet.

Are Protein Shakes And Supplement Good For Weight loss?

June 17 2020
Anyone who wants to shed those few extra pounds is always looking for more than one way in which they can lose weight. Besides performing regular exercise and a strict diet, many people choose to add protein supplements to their life for weight loss. Why is this so?

How Can Consuming A Protein Shake Before Bedtime Help?

May 28 2020
Protein shakes have long been a part of an athletic diet. The numerous benefits that it has for your body are well known. However, this excellent post-workout snack can also work well when consumed before bedtime.

Working From Home, Staying Happy & Health In Times of Crisis

March 31 2020

How are you staying health and happy these days while staying at home🏡? We all need to adapt under the circumstances with an aim to staying at home to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and protect our key workers🧑🏻‍⚕️👨‍⚕️.  Here are some tips which are helping us deal with the current situation.

How To Train For A Marathon - 5 Easy Steps

February 18 2020
Following the inspirational world record set by Eliud Kipchoge on Saturday and with a massive 373,736 people from the UK applying to run the London marathon, we've together five tips to help beginners or even season pros prepare for their next run… 

How To Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions

February 04 2020
So it’s the end of January and you’ve suddenly realized you haven’t stuck to any of your commitments for this year. Well guess what? We’ve all been there and don’t worry! Self-improvement is an ongoing process and doesn’t simply have to coincide with the calendar cycle. Here’s some tips to help you stick to your goals.

Why Vieve Protein Water Is The Easiest 20g Protein Ever!

January 24 2020
The market for protein drinks is crowded with a variety of options available that should make it easy for people to top-up their protein intake. Vieve stands out by offering a protein drink which is water based, high in protein (20g), sugar and dairy free, and superior in taste to anything else on the market.

How Much Cardio Does It Take To Burn Off Your Favourite Junk Food?

January 16 2020

So we love to run. We also love to EAT. Dilemma 😱🤦🤷‍. Here's a quick guide to how much cardio you need to do to burn off some of your favourites🌭🌮🍔🍕🍟.

Is protein water better than protein drinks or protein powder?

January 07 2020
As consumer we are spoilt for choice when it comes to ways to supplement our protein intake: powders, drinks, savoury snacks and (our favourite of course 😜) waters.   So the question people often ask is one form of protein better than the other?  If you are supplementing your protein intake, what is the best way to do it?

The Journey To Starting My Own Protein Drinks Company

December 10 2019
Hi! My name is Rafael and I am the Founder of Vieve Protein Water. I thought I would actually take sometime to introd...

How getting a good night's sleep can affect your fitness

December 13 2018
We all know the importance of a good night's sleep, but many of just aren't getting enough of it. So much so that the WHO estimates that 2/3rds of adults around the world are sleep-deprived. This can have a profound effect on our daily lives, affecting everything from our concentration levels to how energized we feel.
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