Vieve Protein Water FAQs


All Your Vieve Questions Answered ...

Product Questions

What is Vieve and what makes you different than other protein drinks on the market?

What are the benefits of Vieve Protein Water?

What are the ingredients that you use in Vieve?

What is the source of protein that you use in Vieve?

Why do you use collagen instead of just whey like other protein drinks?

Are you vegan and/or vegetarian?

Are you lactose/dairy free?

Are you available in shops? How do I get in touch if I am interested in stocking Vieve?

What does Vieve mean and how the heck do you pronounce it?!?!

What is your shelf life?

Ordering & Delivery Questions

When will I get my order?

I'm trying to use a discount code but it doesn't work

Subscribe & Save Questions

Why do you have a subscription model?

Can I cancel or stop my subscription anytime? Do you send reminders?

How can I change flavours for my subscription?

About Us

Why did you create Vieve?

Who are your founders?