10 Top Tips to start your ‘New Year, New You’ health kick in December

December 05 2018
Every January it seems to be the same story: New Year, New You. But following the comedown from merriments of festive season and the dreaded return to work, it can be quite the challenge to stick to healthy New Year Resolutions. So what needs to be done to make resolutions a reality? Find out in our latest latest blog posts.

What is Aerobic Exercise and What are its Key Benefits?

November 28 2018
While we all know that it is beneficial to get a good workout going to the gym on a regular basis, did you know about the benefits aerobics can add to your gym time? While working out at the gym can build overall body strength, aerobic exercises complement that by giving you a lot more.

Understanding Popular Food Plans

November 08 2018

We currently find ourselves bombarded by “advice” from various sources on the type of diet we should be following. This advice can be at times overwhelming and more often than not simply confusing to navigate.

Let us take a gentle stroll through some of the more popular diets currently doing the rounds and see if we can make some sense of all this.

We will then look at some basic rules that will hopefully help you navigate this minefield.

7 Biggest Fitness Mistakes

November 02 2018

Top 12 Protein Foods for Weight Loss

June 21 2018
If you want to lose weight, the simple act of going to the gym for a workout is not sufficient. In order to achieve your goal and maintain a strong body, a nutritional plan must also be prioritised. This means consuming food with adequate nutrition throughout the day.  These are our top 15 good sources of protein you should consider adding to your diet for quick weight loss.

How Much Protein Do You Need After a Workout?

June 19 2018
If you think that going to the gym is all that it takes to lose weight or to bulk up then you are wrong. Muscle fibres can break down when exercising which is the opposite of your goal which is to build muscle and strength. Working out should be fun and bring you positive health benefits, not end in muscle tears or stress fractures. This can be prevented by getting adequate nutrition throughout the day. Working out regularly requires your nutrition plan to provide the fuel you need for both exercise and recovery.

Sports Supplements: Protein Smoothie or Protein Water?

May 29 2018
Protein drinks are known to aid fitness enthusiasts in their workouts and help people who want to lose weight. Here we have listed the basic facts you need to know about the two most popular protein drinksprotein smoothie and protein water.

Protein and Weight Loss: How It Works

May 15 2018
Protein has been scientifically proven as one of the key factors in weight loss. Protein works to stabilise blood sugar levels, supports muscles and bones and helps absorption of important nutrients.

We have listed other functions of protein that contribute to reducing weight and having a fit and healthy body.

Should You Drink Protein Drinks Before or After A Workout?

April 05 2018
Most of us are wondering if results of our training sessions can be achieved faster if we consume protein drinks at a specific time. Studies have debunked plenty of bodybuilding rumours about the period of consuming protein, whether drinking it before or after a workout, as you can do both and still see favourable results. Whether you're having a post-workout or a pre-workout protein supplementation, we state the benefits it could give to improve training outcomes.

Whey VS Collagen: Which Protein to Choose

March 14 2018
In our latest blog post we discuss the benefits of collagen vs whey.  Most protein drinks have been historically whey based, however there is a growing trend of collagen based protein drinks starting to take hold in the UK.   Should you choose collagen over whey?  

The Answers to the Common Questions About Protein Water

February 13 2018
One of the latest high protein supplements available in the market is Protein Water. This is a new variation of the protein supplements that we know such as protein powders and ready to drink milk based shakes. In this article, we have compiled information that may be beneficial for you if you want to start drinking Protein Water.

How Vieve Protein Water is Helping Me Get My Energy Back

January 29 2018
The word Vieve comes from the urban dictionary and means 'full of Life'.  At Vieve we believe in empowering others to...

The Power of Protein: How Important is it for your Everyday Living?

January 25 2018
The Power of Protein: How Important is it for your Everyday Living? Consuming the recommended amount of protein every...

How Vieve is Helping Me Recover Post Op

January 09 2018
For 2018 we will be featuring real stories from people about how Vieve is helping them make a positive impact in their lives and enabling them to truly #GrabLife.    Our first post comes from Charlotte who has used Vieve to help her recover post op when she was struggling to get her protein intake and wanted an alternative from milky drinks or powders.  Since Charlotte started posting on her instagram about Vieve we have received many encouraging stories about other people using Vieve as a recovery aid after surgery.

Top Fitness Bloggers & Instagrammers You Must Follow Like Now

November 08 2017
Pop the term ‘Health & Fitness bloggers’ into Google and you’ll get a mind-blowing 29 Million results.  We’ve spent a lot of time wading through different blog pages, twitters and Instagrams  and have compiled a list of the our favourites that give easy to understand advice, that is also practical.     

Move Over Whey Protein – Here Comes Collagen

September 12 2017
Move over whey protein – here comes collagen Has whey had its day? Dietitian, Dr Carrie Ruxton, looks at a new protei...

A Guide to Taking Protein Supplements - The Do's and Don'ts

August 27 2017
A guide to taking protein supplements Fad or no brainer? Protein supplements have become more and more mainstream but...
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