Can You Drink Protein Drinks and Protein Water During Pregnancy?

April 13 2022
During pregnancy, many women like to keep themselves healthy which includes maintaining muscles and not let excess fat to accumulate. What's that one thing we all turn to, to build muscles? Protein drinks! So, can you consume protein weight loss shakes during pregnancy? Let’s find out!

When Is The Best Time To Take Protein for Weight Loss or Muscle Gain?

April 06 2022
Protein is an essential part of any diet and making sure you hit your daily protein macro target is an essential part of any fitness or dieting program.  But timing your protein intake, is almost as critical as the amount of protein that you take and is key to maximising its effectiveness.    We take a look at when the best time to take protein is depending on your fitness goals: dieting or muscle gain.

Can You Consume Protein Drinks While Intermittent Fasting?

March 14 2022
Are you trying to lose weight, but you can't do a proper diet? Then intermittent fasting might be the perfect option for you. Find out about the important role that protein, and protein drinks play in your intermittent fasting diet.

What Are The Benefits Of Collagen Drinks?

January 12 2022
Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and is required for sustaining good health of some of our body part...

How To Restore Collagen In The Face?

December 07 2021
To restore the collagen in your face, there are many simple ways to do it. You can take vitamin C, retinol either in your diet or topically. You can apply put aloe vera gel. However an easy alternative is the use of collagen supplements in your diet.

How Long Does It Take For Collagen Supplements To Work?

November 30 2021
Taking collagen supplements is one of the latest beauty trends sweeping social media. However there is uncertainty in how long they take to work. The truth is different parts of the body respond at a different rate to these supplements.

Can Collagen Be Absorbed Through The Skin?

November 16 2021
From being added to creams, serums, and makeup, collagen is mainly used as a new marketing tactic to achieve healthier skin. However collagen being a macromolecule cannot be absorbed directly from skin. It needs to be incorporated into your diet to be utilized.

Does collagen make you gain weight?

October 07 2021
If you are planning to lose weight then regular exercise is not enough. Many people want to add something more to their diet to do so. Therefore they opt for taking collagen in their diet. But does it really make you lose weight?

Easy High Protein recipes

August 12 2021
Protein is an essential part of any diet, it allows us to build up muscle mass, keep focus on daily tasks and stay energised. At Vieve we strive to make protein easy to consume and we’ve collected our favourite recipes to spruce up your protein intake in fun and easy ways.   Check out our easy protein recipes!

Busting Common Collagen Myths

August 10 2021
Collagen is a vital protein in our body and as its benefits become more widely known, supplements are also becoming more popular. We're setting the record straight separating collagen fact from fiction.

How Vieve Is Trying To Make A Sustainable Impact

July 28 2021
Vieve is trying to do our part corporately to reduce our impact on the Enviroment.  Read our update about how we are using our products to make a sustainable impact by off-setting our carbon footprint, ensuring our products are recyclable and utilising a suitable protein source.

Protein on Brain Health

July 26 2021
Protein can be considered the foundation of muscles, it allows the body to maintain and repair tissues while also inc...

How Much Collagen Should I Take And Why?

June 15 2021
Collagen protein is considered a secure and reliable daily supplement for individuals who want to boost their collagen and protein levels. But a lot of people are confused about how much collagen should you take every day and why? We’ve provided a handy guide below, with some recommendations that are easy to follow.

Protein Shakes And Bowel Movements - Can Protein Cause You Diarrhea...

April 28 2021
Upset stomach when you take protein shakes?  There are many dietary supplements that people take to gain more muscle ...

What Is Protein Water and Is It Good for Weight Loss?

April 01 2021
Amongst all the protein supplements fitness enthusiasts can enjoy, protein waters have gained popularity in recent years. While they offer many benefits, helping in weight loss stays one of the top reasons why we tend to consume protein water.

Best Sugar-Free Protein Shakes For Diabetics

February 02 2021
Most diabetics feel that they can’t acquire benefits of protein supplements. But this isn’t true. Here are the recommendations for the best protein shakes for diabetics which are sugar free and can turn things around for overall health.

Are Protein Waters Good For You? Best Protein Water Revealed

January 14 2021
Protein waters are made by combining a hydrolysed protein powder rich in amino acids with water. It works to accumulate all the goodness of organic compounds into a single drink. So if you are searching for the most remarkable protein waters in-store, then we have something for you.

Best Pre and Post Workout Keto Snacks of This Year

November 09 2020
A successful, keto-friendly snack does more than you can imagine. needs to not only meets your nutritional goals, being both low-carb and high-fat/protein, but should also be delicious
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